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Training aids:

Finance my training
Under certain conditions and according to the profiles (job seeker, employee, self-employed), finance your training: it is possible. The point on the various financial aids.

Before starting your process and to validate your training file, do not forget to consult your Pôle emploi adviser.

He will check with you your situation in relation to your remuneration during the internship and the possibilities of support as well as the administrative conditions related to the training.

Warning: never pay a deposit or registration fees to a training organization without ensuring that you have the possibility of financial support for your costs and the remuneration that you will receive.


Training can be paid for and the costs are sometimes borne by the trainees. Depending on the course you are following and depending on your status, financial assistance may be granted to you. Ask your Pôle emploi adviser.

As part of professional development advice, your advisor will help you identify and mobilize the financing available for your project.

You can also, under certain conditions, use your personal training account. For more information, visit the official websiteMy account

Case 1:
you are compensated for the Return to Work Assistance (ARE) allowance by Pôle emploi or by your former public sector employer:

If the training action you wish to follow has been validated by a Pôle emploi adviser and is consistent withyour Personalized Job Access Project,, you can receive the Return to Work Training Assistance allowance (AREF) within the limit of your rights to compensation.
If the training continues beyond the duration of your rights to the return-to-work assistance allowance, you can complete your training with the status of an unpaid vocational training trainee, or possibly, if you meet the eligibility criteria, receive the end-of-training remuneration (RFF) or, failing that, the specific solidarity allowance.
For more information: ask your Pôle emploi adviser.

Case 2: you are not compensated for the Return to Work Assistance (ARE) allowance, you can receive:

Pôle emploi training remuneration (RFPE) if the training action is approved by Pôle emploi (ask your adviser) and if it is part of your personalized job access plan._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_
If you are in ASS (specific solidarity allowance) on the eve of your entry into training: the payment of the ASS being subsidiary to the payment of any other compensation or training remuneration, it will therefore not be combined with the payment of the RFPE that you will perceive during the training.
The ASS will therefore be suspended during this period of collection of the RFPE. The Pôle emploi adviser will analyze your file to check whether you meet the conditions for allocation.
The public internship remuneration if it is approved by the State or the Regional Council. The training organization is responsible for compiling your remuneration file. 
Please note: each Regional Council can put in place specific provisions in terms of remuneration and/or financial aid.

The professional transition project has replaced the former individual training leave (CIF) since January 1, 2019.

The professional transition project is a particular way of mobilizing the personal training account, allowing employees wishing to change trades or professions to finance certifying training in connection with their project.

To know morevisit the Ministry of Labor website.

Inquire withthe Temporary Work Training Insurance Fund (FAF.TT).

It allows temporary employment companies and their employees to increase their performance and therefore their adequacy with the needs of the market via training systems.


The ProWash Team

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