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Bwelcome to your online training space

Thanks to our training, you too can become a real professional, train here quickly.

We guarantee quality results
Whether you want to train in cleaning or renovating rims, cigarette holes, buffing or polishing, thanks to our training, it is possible
Start today and receive a training certificate at the end of your internship.

Finance distance training thanks to Pôle emploi aid?
Are you a job seeker? Pôle emploi pays an Individual Training Aid (AIF) to finance online training. To benefit from the AIF, ask us for a quote and send it to Pôle emploi for validation.

*To find out more about training aids click here*

Join a team of experienced and passionate professionals

Several courses available:

° Cleaning, classic maintenance (Sofa, carpet, carpet, fabrics, interior furniture, etc.)

° Interior and exterior car cleaning "technique of the 2 seals" / Auto aesthetic preparer / Engine cleaning

° Bodywork: Decontamination technique, polishing, polishing, bodywork protection, bodywork scratches

° Car aesthetic renovation (Leather, "cigarette hole or tear" fabrics, scratched plastic, rim renovation)

° Bodywork dent removal without paint (DSP)

Thanks to our training, you are sure to find work
Once you have acquired the knowledge, you can join us as a Partner (Join us page)

Discover and participate in our training courses belowou:


To access the start training page, you must finalize the payment of your training, once validated you can access all the training programs.

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