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You are a professional, join an expert network.

You are a car cleaning professional, a cleaning station, a detailing car wash center,
a cleaning company for premises, homes, sofas, carpets, mattresses?

Detail your activity on LA TEAM PROWASH to increase your visibility and your turnover!

Your business requires your time and commitment, by joining a passionate team, develop your business and improve your visibility.
Work with quality professional products, made in France and developed by professionals in the field of automotive cleaning and detailing.

Several advantages are offered to you by joining LA TEAMROWASH:
-More visibility for your activity 
-Help with natural referencing

-We have been specialized in cleaning products since 2006, with high quality products.
Get the best professional special rates, up to 90% off our products.

- Much cheaper products for our partners, whether they are professional cleaners or resellers, up to 90% off on all our products (no hidden fees or commissions, only a subscription is required to open an account " without commitment" to obtain your pro badge, partner or training access.
A pro account is required to access all of our services.

Several services for professionals available:

1)-Pro access (Rates for professionals up to -40%)

2)-Partner access (Rates for partner professionals up to 90%)

includes the referencing of your site

3)-Activity referencing

4)-Creation of your website

A state-of-the-art online training service:
A unique course carried out by experienced professionals 
Advance at your own pace (Subscription valid for 6 months)

-Materials provided and sent to your home

-Training in cleaning (Car, sofa, rug, mattress, carpet, chair and...) / 5 days required
Buffing Polishing Protection Automotive refinish / 7 days required
Ceramic treatment / 5 days required
Renovation of car leather and furniture / 5 days required
Fabric renovation (Hole and tear) fabric, car and furniture repair kit / 4 days required
Rim renovation / 3 days required
Engine cleaning / 1 day required
Paintless dent removal / 2 days required
Body scratch renovation / 2 days required


The ProWash Team

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